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From top quality charts and marking systems manufactured to the highest standards, to pens, inks and associated consumables, TechMed Charts can supply everything you need for your industrial recording processes.

You will find that all our charts allow precision recording that is easy to read, and our professional service means that we will bend over backwards to provide you with the products you need in a timeframe that suits you.

As you can see, we carry a comprehensive range of circular, roll, fanfold and rectangular charts for ink, ribbon, pressure-sensitive, photo-recording and thermal printers and recording systems.

List of Industrial OEM Recorders

Manufactured to the highest standards, TechMed Charts supply industrial recording charts, pens, inks and writing systems to fit recorders from all the following manufacturers:


ABB Instrumentation Chino Joens Perkin Elmer / Hitachi
Adams Instruments Dickson Jules Richard Pye Ether
Alexander Wright Drayton Jumo Pye Unicam / Philips
American Meter Eberline Instrument Kent Industrial Rank Taylor Hobson
American Steriler / Amsco Eckardt (Foxboro) Kent Tieghi Record Electrical (Megger)
Ametek Systems Edgecombe Peebles Kipp & Zonen Rikadenki (Mitsui)
Amprobe Eurotherm Chessell Kontron Rustrak (Gulton)
Anderson Instruments Fisher Porter Linear Instruments Shimadzu
Angus Electronics (Esterline) Fisher Controls (GEC Elliott) Linseis Scientific Atlanta
Arkon Foster Cambridge Lambrecht Seiko
Bailey – Fisher & Porter Foxboro (Eckardt ) Leeds & Northrup Seimens
Barton Fuji Electric LKB Sekonic
Bausch & Lomb General Electric JJ Lloyd Shimaden
Beckman Goertz Instruments Molytek Taylor
Bristol-Babcock Gould / Brush Monsanto Technicon
British Rototherm Graphtec (Western Graphtec) Moore Products Tekman
Bruel & Kjaer Gulton (Rustrak) Munro Tektronix
Bryans Hartmann & Braun Negretti & Zambra Vitatron
Budenburg Hewlett Packard Nippon Denshi Wallace & Tiernan
Camille Bauer Hitachi Omega Engineering Watanabe (Graphtec)
Cassella Honeywell Oxford Instruments Westronics
Cecil Instruments Houston Instruments Partlow Yew
Chessell (Eurotherm) Instron Penny & Giles Yokogawa

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