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High Quality Medical Recording Charts, Video Papers and Gels

We supply medical recording charts manufactured to the highest standards, as well as pens, inks, gels and associated consumables. TechMed Charts carry everything you need for your medical recording processes.

We offer a wide selection of roll, circular, fanfold and rectangular charts for ink, ribbon, thermal, pressure-sensitive and photo-recording systems, all designed to fit your specific recording equipment.

List of Medical OEM Recorders

Manufactured to the highest quality standards, TechMed Charts supply medical recording charts to fit recorders from all the following manufacturers:

ABB Kent Corometrics Innova Sanyo
Advance Medical Systems Criticare Kamplex Schiller
Agilent Critikon Kenz Schwarzer
Aloka Daedalus Kinetic Seca
Alvar Dantec Kontron Sensormedics
American Optical Datascope Lancer Shimadzu
Amplaid-Amplifon Dickson Marquette Siemens
Artemis Elettronica Trentina Medelec-Vickers Sonetik
Astell Esaote Medtronics Sonicaid
Astro-Med Eurotherm-Chessell Micro Medical Sony
BMM Weston Fluke Mitsubishi Spacelabs
Beckman Fukuda Morgan Spriano
Bioset GE Medical Mortara Sterrad
Biotronik Goldsite Nihon Kohden St-Electromedicini-Stelec
Biosite Gould Olmar St Jude
BTL Guidant-Boston Scientific Omron Tetai
Burdick Hadeco Perkin Elmer Toshiba
Cambridge Harvard-Kinetik & Sonetik Philips Tuttnauer
Cardiette Hellige Physio Control Ultrasound Technologies
Cardiac Science Hewlett Packard Prestige United Electric
Cardioline Honeywell Priorclave Vitalograph
Cardiosunny Humphrey Quinton Welch Allyn
Cardipia Huntleigh Reynolds Zoll Medical
Carl Zeiss Innomed Roche

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